Testimonies – How Your Donation Touches Lives

“I can see clearly the deception and the contradictions that you teach… Thank You for the great work that you are doing to help free other lost souls, I will pass the Radio information on to my family and friends” — Jon, America

“We spoke on the phone regarding issues in my LDS Faith, I have great admiration for your work, Thank you for the newsletter on Mainstream Mormonism, this means more to me than I can express.” –Roger, America

“Keep up the amazing job witnessing to our Mormon Brothers and Sisters. All Glory to God and His Kingdom.” –Jeromy, America

“I want to confess when I listen to your Program, from God, I was encouraged and became aware of my need for Salvation.” Thoma, Africa

“With this New Year, may God guide you as you Minister His Word to us, Thank you.” Grele, Africa

“Teaching The Truth is a wonderful Program and has created an awareness to those of us who are members of other denominations to learn more about the Mormon Church.” Mirachle, Africa

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